MAlu inspires

We provide building blocks for your ideas

In Malu we believe in your imagination. We strive to provide you with furniture pieces to mix and match according to your needs and taste. Whether you’re into boho or Scandinavian minimalism, our collection brings you elements to play with.

Our values

M A L U started as a family company based in Poland, in Mazuria region. We have grown from a local sawmill into a respected subcontractor in the furniture industry. We have not made it alone. That is why we believe we need to give back both to the people and to the nature that we drew from.


Our history sums up to 25 years of experience in material science, craftsmanship and a thorough knowledge of the trade. With such a solid base and a drive to grow we keep modernizing our machine park and stay up to date with current production standards.


We have always dreamed about creating a product that showcases our expertise and values. Inviting Nikodem Szpunar – a recognized polish designer – to our team was a milestone for M A L U. The great adventure of design process resulted in the 2019 collection. Exceptional things come to life when craftsmanship and technology pairs with exquisite form, and we are determined to prove it with our products.


Mazurian region is full of beautiful lakes and forests. We consider our duty to care for this environment. Materials used in our products come exclusively from certified suppliers (Forest Stewardship Council). We comprehensively care for pro-ecological solutions, adapting production methods to them. We utilize all safe waste, convert it into renewable energy, and independently plant forests in our area. 

As an employer we strive to set an example for other companies. 80% of our staff are women. We participate in local programmes focused on providing job opportunities. We started as a family company and we wish to cement our team building good relationships.

Joy of creation

Above all we just like our jobs. Being able to turn a modest piece of raw material into something extraordinary is extremely satisfying. So is experimenting, searching for new challenges and caring for our team and surroundings. We wish to share this sensation through our products.

Discover the joy of building your individual space with Malu

Collection 2019
Our first, limited collection is executed in Quercus rubra (red oak).
Forms designed by Nikodem Szpunar facilitate the permeation of indoor and outdoor spaces and allow you to connect the house with the garden.
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