MAlu inspires

Dovetail technique used in Soft tables allows to eliminate metal fittings. This is a detail inspired by tradition and nature, introducing a touch of organic decoration, inscribed in a geometric and ordered form. 


A cozy armchair crowned with a detachable canopy. Waterproof upholstery makes it a perfect outdoor retreat. Whether you are relaxing solo or socializing, Hut provides a comfortable space that feels like home.

The Soft bench can accompany the Soft table, or serve as a standalone statement piece on your porch, in the hall or in the living room.

Choose your own way to enjoy its balanced shape and versatility.

A unique table that provides a space for memorable reunions.
Crafted in red oak hardwood that will serve you for years, and age beautifully in the process.

Inside or outside? Whatever you decide, this chair is extraordinary.
Enjoy the ergonomics and a modern form that exposes intricate hardwood structure.


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